VISTA 2023 Abstract Submission​

**Important Announcement: Submission Deadline Ended**

This will be the 11th edition of VISTA and the first time the conference will be hosted in Africa.  The conference theme for this year’s VISTA is:

Developing Para Sport: Inclusion, Transformation, Health, and Performance

Developing and enhancing para sport depends on many factors that would be included in the three words of the conference title of Vista 2023.

Inclusion: Here we explore providing opportunity and access for people with disabilities to participate in sport through the removal of barriers.  This needs the contribution of all scientific and operational communities from all over the world in different areas such as medicine, sports sciences, sport psychology, sport sociology, health, engineering, technology, policies, management, and other fields.

Transformation: To change sport by identifying ways to benefit from social, industrial and technological progress, digital media, the world’s positive view towards the sport as a human right, increasing the societal awareness of para sports, and noticeable interest of researchers from different fields in paralympic sport. Studies that focus on new solutions to face some threats that would negatively affect the para sport such as climate change and the world economy are welcomed in Vista 2023.

Health and Human Performance: The high level of sports performance for athletes with disabilities is considered one of the IPC objectives. Qualified trainers, coaches, administrators, and various medical and technical staff are essential parties to accomplishing that objective. Quality of competition and training equipment, devices, and tools used in para sports play an important role too. Studies related to the development of these factors represent a main part of VISTA 2023.

Athlete health is one of the most important factors underpinning performance and is vital for long-term life quality of our older athletes. Thus, injury and illness, both physical and mental, and the prevention thereof will be a key focus of Vista 2023.

Abstract Submissions opens on the 12th of May, 2023.

Researchers and experts are invited to submit abstracts for oral and poster presentations related to Para sport to one of the following six sub – themes.

  • Classification
  • Ethics and integrity
  • Socio-cultural legacy and development
  • Sport medicine, health and well-being
  • Sport performance
  • Technology and Equipment


The sub themes include, but are not limited, to the following fields and topics:


Development and implementation of a conceptual framework. Eligible underlying Health Conditions; Determination of Minimal Impairment Criteria; Ethical considerations; Classifiers’ profiles and training; Dissemination of classification knowledge; Classification versus Inclusion; the IPC Classification Code; Classification Governance. Sport specific classification.

Ethics & Integrity:

Sport leadership and governance; the management of sports, events and competitions; sport rules, policies and procedures (general and specific); legislation, rules & regulations related to athlete health, wellbeing, safety and fair competition in para sport; role of the IPC, NPCs, Regions, IFs, IOSDs, athletes with disabilities, coaches and classifiers in promoting inclusion and access to sport for people with disabilities; sport for people with disabilities and community development; and media and sports for people with disabilities.

Socio – Cultural Legacy:

Social sciences of sport (anthropology, politics, psychology, sociology etc.). Sport for people with disabilities in schools and community. Right to sport for people with disabilities. Development of sport for people with disabilities. Management & administration in different levels of para sport. Inclusion of disability in management, sport education and coaching systems. Role of families in para sport.  Effect of socio- cultural factors on access to sport especially for women with disabilities. Advocacy.

Health & Medicine:

Athlete health and wellbeing. Mental health. Nutrition. Posture& body composition. Hygiene in para sports. Sports injuries. Inclusion of para sport in sports medicine curricula. Development of sports medicine. Safety in para sport. Climate changes and health of athletes with disabilities. Doping control.

Sport Performance:

Sports & physical fitness training and conditioning programs. Training equipment. Aids and technologies used to enhance physiological outcomes. Education and preparation programs for coaches and officials. Inclusion of modules on training/coaching athletes/children with disabilities in general sport curricula.


Sport equipment. Low-cost & alternative equipment used in para sport. Green sports equipment. Using AI & Mobile App in para sports training and competitions. Biomechanics in para sports. Measurement and assessment’ instruments & tools in para sport. Innovations in para sport. Assistive devices for different athletes with disabilities. Materials and design tools. Accessible sport venues. Accessible events.

Each sub-theme will have an invited symposium, and free communications. The overall conference theme will be discussed in keynote presentations, that reflect the overall theme of the conference.

Researchers and experts are invited to submit abstracts for oral and poster presentations within one of the six themes.

The submission of abstracts for VISTA 2023 Conference will begin 12 May 2023.

The deadline for submission of abstracts is 30July 2023, 23:59 UCT. Please note that the abstracts are accepted ONLY in English.

All authors who have submitted abstracts will be notified electronically that it has been received by the Conference organisers.

Submission instructions

  • Abstracts are to be written in English and should be submitted electronically using the abstract submission link .
  • All abstracts must be relevant to the conference themes. Authors will be asked to select the theme from the list that best suit their submission. This is to assist with the review process and the creation of the conference programme itself.
  • The abstract title is limited to 20 words and the abstract text is limited to 400 words (references included).
  • As a guideline for your abstract, you can consult the evaluation formwith the criteria which will be used by the reviewers.
  • A prize for best oral/poster will be awarded. Therefore, authors will be asked to indicate the career stage of the presenting author.


Each abstract will be reviewed for its scientific merit and/or relevance to the Conference topics by members of the Scientific Committee and/or other experts selected by the Scientific Committee. Abstracts that do not follow the structured format and/or are not submitted electronically will be automatically rejected.”


  • Abstract submission deadline Extended to : 30 July 2023Please note that the abstract submission deadline is final. We cannot accept any updates to your submission after this deadline.
  • Notification letters of acceptance/rejection: 30 August 2023
  • Author registration deadlineSeptember 15, 2023

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